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After 4 power-paired rounds of intense debates at GSIS on Saturday September 16th, 8 teams emerged from the pack to contest the quarter finals next Tuesday. Here is the break – positions determined by speaker points:

  1. Island School 4 wins
  2. Wah Yan College Kowloon 4 wins
  3. German-Swiss IS 1, 3 wins
  4. South Island School  3 wins
  5. St Paul’s Co-educational College 1, 3 wins
  6. Renaissance College 2, 3 wins
  7. La Salle College 3 Wins
  8. St Paul’s Co-educational College  2, 3 Wins

(sides determined on Tuesday September 19th)

  1. IS vs SPCC 2
  2. WYCK vs LSC
  3. GSIS 1 vs RC 2
  4. SIS vs SPCC 1



  1. 14th Senior WSDC Debating Tournament (Venue: GSIS)
  • Saturday September 16th  8am- 5pm (4 rounds)
  • Tuesday September 19th 4.30pm -7.00pm (Quarters and Semis)
  • Tuesday September 26th 7pm – 9pm (GRAND FINAL)
  1. WIDPSC workshop (Venue: TBC)
  • HK team trial information and preparation
  • Late September (Date TBC)
  1. WSDC Team Trial (Venue: GSIS)
  • Senior team and development squad
  • Sunday September 24th (9am – 3pm)


  1. 11th WIDPSC Team Trial (Venue: TBC)
  • Saturday November 4th (8am – 5pm)
  1.  2nd BP Senior Tournament  (Venue: RC)
  • Saturday November 18th  8am- 5pm (4 rounds)
  • Tuesday November 21st 4.30pm -7.00pm (Quarters and Semis)
  • Tuesday November 28th 7pm – 9pm (GRAND FINAL)
  1.  15th Junior WSDC Debating Tournament (Venue: South Island School)
  • Saturday November 25th  8am- 4pm (4 rounds)
  • Tuesday November 28th 6pm – 7pm (GRAND FINAL between two top teams after 4 power paired rounds)


  1. Oxford Schools BP tournament
  • Venue and date TBC


  1.  16th Junior WSDC Debating Tournament (Venue: TBC)
  • Saturday February 3rd   8am- 4pm (4 rounds)
  • Saturday February 10th   8am- 4pm (Quarters, Semis and GRAND FINAL)

MARCH 2018

  1.  15th Senior WSDC Debating Tournament (Venue: TBC)
  • Saturday March 3rd  8am- 5pm (4 rounds)
  • Tuesday March 6th 4.30pm -7.00pm (Quarters and Semis)
  • Tuesday March 13th 7pm – 9pm (GRAND FINAL)

APRIL 2018

  1.   5th Junior WIDPSC (Public Speaking) Tournament (Venue: TBC)
  • Saturday April 28th (8am -4pm)

MAY 2018

  1.  3rd WSDC (Modified) Evershed Cup for Novices (Venue: TBC)
  • Saturday May 12th 8am – 4pm (4 rounds)

Notes about the 2017-2018 programme

  1. Grand Finals for the following events will be held as evening “showcase” events at a public venue to attract a wider audience and enhance the occasion
  • 14th Senior WSDC Debating Tournament (September 26th, 2017)
  • 2nd BP Senior Tournament (November 28th  – Double Bill with 15th Junior)
  • 15th Junior WSDC Debating Tournament (November 28th, 2017)
  • 15th Senior WSDC Debating Tournament (March 13th, 2018)
  1. In order to better support schools’ debate programmes, there will be two Senior and two Junior SDC events, one in each term.
  2. HKSDPSC events this coming academic year will not be all-weekend events or held on public holidays. They will be spread across one Saturday followed by mid-week finals contests. The Governing Council hopes this provides better balance with students needs for time to balance and manage the ever-increasing academic pressures.
  3. All debating events for BP and WSDC will be power-paired
  4. All motions released as pre-tournament motions will not have declared sides – students will, therefore, need to prep both sides.
  5. There will be, where possible, a 50/50 split between prepared and impromptu motions at WSDC style tournaments
  6. For WSDC and WIDPSC events, it will be a condition of entry that schools provide an adjudicator. For Senior events the adjudicator must be (i) a teacher, (ii) a school alumni, or (iii) an experienced university debater. For Junior events the adjudicator can additionally be a senior student debater.
  7. Schools should expect to pay a registration fee of around $200 per team for the coming year. This fee is solely to cover expenses such as trophies, accounting and legal fees, website hosting and management, venue costs and equipment.
  8. Venues – we need more schools to offer their sites to host our events. Please contact the Governing Council at hksdpsc@gmail.com for details.

E-Cup 2016 Final Results

The finals-day of the Inaugural Evershed Cup was successfully held on 30th April 2016, Saturday, in Renaissance College. The winners of the competition were as follows:
Champion: STFA Yung Yau College
1st Runner-Up: German Swiss International School (Best Speaker of the Grand-final: Valerie Ang of GSIS)
Semi-finalists: Shung Tak Catholic English College, Stewards Pooi Kei College
Quarter-finalists: Diocesan Girls’ School, Renaissance College (Junior), St. Paul’s Coeducational College, St. Paul’s Convent School

3rd Junior Public Speaking Champs

Results of the 3rd Junior Public Speaking Championship hosted by Hong Kong Academy on 23rd April 2016. Special credits to the staff and students of Hong Kong Academy for their incredible on-site support throughout the event.

12th Senior Debating Tournament Prelims

German Swiss International School played host to the preliminary rounds of the 12th Senior SDC on 12th March 2016, which saw teams battle it out over 5 preliminary rounds. It was an extremely competative field with over a dozen teams still in contention going into the fifth and final preliminary round. A special thanks to the adjudicators on the day who were often required to go above the call of duty and judge four or even all five rounds, losing the chance to see their own teams. Here are the final results of the day.