(c) Ivan Chan (CUHK, PLKCKY) for single-handedly running the entire tournament to great success.

The tournament briefing (which contains a guide to the BP format and some reminders and tips) has been kindly shared by Ivan and can be accessed here.

Team Results

Champion: Chinese International School 1 (Evelyn Howe and Joshua Yang)

Grand Finalist:
Sha Tin College 1 (Angus Li and Reese Wong)
Sha Tin College 2 (Belle Ho and Krissy Yip)
St Paul’s Co-educational College (Kylie Chong and Wilfred Wong)

DGS 1 (Jade Wong, Tania Chan)
WYK 1 (Franco Lau, Jason Cheng)
ISFA 1 (Brian Cheng, Mandy Zhao)
DGS 2 (Alicia Lam, Gwyneth Gunawan)

Speaker Results

Rank Name Team Average speaks
1 Kylie Chong SPCC 1 78.25
2 Lydia Chan LPCUWC 1 78.00
3= Franco Lau WYK 1 77.50
3= Brian Cheng ISFA 1 77.50
3= Angus Li STC 1 77.50
3= Jade Wong DGS 1 77.50
3= Jessica Tai PLKCLSCMC 2 77.50
8= Wilfred Wong SPCC 1 77.25
8= Evelyn Howe CIS 1 77.25
10= Ryan Shum PLKCLSCMC 2 77.00
10= Jason Cheng WYK 1 77.00


R1: THW impose a “gender imbalance” (e.g. disproportionate representation of men in senior management) tax on corporations.
R2: THBT culturally-different host countries should break up immigrant enclaves
R3: THBT government contracts in the developing world should only be given to locally owned businesses.
R4: THBT decisions on whether to join or withdraw from international environmental legislation (Kyoto, Paris) should be put to a local referendum.
SF: THR the increased integration of Hong Kong into the Greater Bay Area.
GF: THR Subtle Asian Traits (SAT). [INFO: Subtle Asian Traits (SAT) is a Facebook group dedicated to Internet memes, jokes, and discussion surrounding the Asian immigrant experience in the West. Though the posts on the page cover a large range of topics, they mainly focus on Asian culture as experienced by the children of migrants.]

Full tab at https://sdcseniorbp2019.herokuapp.com/sdcseniorbp2019/