Greetings everyone.

Finally – here is the FINAL draw and sides for the 10th Junior SDC. DGS have worked hard under difficult circumstances to keep everyone on the same side of the motion from the original draw with a few exceptions. As usual they will run a great event so get cracking and ready for this great day of debating. Remember this is the last chance for your year 10s/Form 4s to debate at this level as the end of year Junior event is for Year 9s/Form 3s and below.


The final draw is here – if you see any errors please contact me staight away at



Please check your rego status here and send in your updates for judges’ names and team members if they are wrong on the rego site:


  • HK Secondary Schools Debating Competition
  • Please do this asap to help the organisers with tabbing and judges allocation.

    Here are the motions that teams must prepare for November 22nd at DGS.

    (Round 1 Impromptu – motion released at 8.30 sharp – all must rego by 8.00 – 8.15)

    Round 2 prepared: TH would build more international schools in Hong Kong.

    Round 3 prepared: TH regrets the commercial nature of US college sports.

    Semi prepared: TH would auction artworks from national museums to balance government budgets.

    And for the 6 teams that make it through to the GRAND FINALS here are the motions

    Gold Final: TH would re-nationalize public utilities that have been privatized.

    Silver Final: TH would allow medical graduates from overseas universities to practice in Hong Kong.

    Bronze Final: THBT the West should form a coalition with Bashar Al-Assad to fight ISIS.

    Just to clarify here a few points:

    5 teams pulled out from the original draw. This made things difficult as 4 were on one side of the original draw.

    I think most teams stayed on their original side of the motion. If there has been a change, then THIS is the final motion. Please make sure you prepare the correct side of the motion according to this draw. I hope you have been prepping on that basis – it was tricky to achieve.

    SIS threw another team into the mix purely to make the numbers even (as it did in the first draw). This has created an unusual number of teams for SIS but it just evolved to plug gaps. I trust the group understand this situation.

    ADJUDICATORS – you must send at least one judge per team. Strong seniors are acceptable for this event. I MUST know who they are and their email addresses so we can do a judges allocation prior to the event. Please do this asap.

    If there are any issues with this draw please contact me asap.

    Michael Evershed