DGS entered 4 teams in the 10th Junior SDC on November 22nd to help plug gaps after some schools were unable to attend the postponed championships, but in the end they did not just make up the numbers, they dominated proceedings. Two of their teams reached the Gold Grand Final, so it is going to be definite: Diocesan Girls’ School will be the Gold Champions of the 10th Junior HKSDPSC Tournament.

They led a revival of local school debating because 14 of the 24 teams who made the 3-tiered playoffs came from local, not international schools. This reflects the work being done in these schools as they strive to improve their skills. Good Hope School came out of the Kowloon fog to nearly upset DGS is a Gold semi-final just being pipped 3-2 in a tight contest. In the other semi, another DGS team rolled into the Grand Final with a strong win over Renaissance College, turning the tables on their nemesis from the classic 8th Junior SDC Final.

Queen Elizabeth School toiled hard all day to reach the Silver Grand Final in which they will do battle with German Swiss International School. In the Bronze, St Paul’s Co-ed outlasted its rivals to secure a Grand Final berth against Chinese International School. The Grand Finals night will take place in late January due to the start of the exam season.

Here are the motions:

Gold Final: TH would re-nationalize public utilities that have been privatized.

Silver Final: TH would allow medical graduates from overseas universities to practice in Hong Kong.

Bronze Final: THBT the West should form a coalition with Bashar Al-Assad to fight ISIS.

I was a marvellous tournament with nearly 200 debaters and 40 judges working away at their craft on the day. The work of the hosts – DGS – was outstanding as the day ran like clockwork. The judging and feedback given by the Senior students was of a very high standard.

If this is the future of HK Schools’ debating, then we are in good hands.

See you at the Grand Finals.