As flagged previously this event will happen at Yew Chung International School by Festival Walk on January 31st.

Get your teams ready to register – the rego site links are here:

Here is the rego website.

Straight to rego form.

Straight to view rego status.

Rego will close next Friday, so we have a 2 week prep time for the first 2 motions and the semi final motion.

Also I give you a heads up for the 10th Junior Grand Finals Night at DGS:

Here are the details of the grand-final night for 10th Junior Debating Tournament:


27th January 2015, Tuesday


Bronze final: 17:00 – 18:00
Silver final: 18:00 – 19:00
Gold final: 19:00 – 20:00


Recital Hall, Diocesan Girls’ School

Motions and Sides:

Gold Division – TH would re-nationalize public utilities that have been privatized.

Proposition: Diocesan Girls’ School
Opposition: Diocesan Girls’ School

Silver Division – TH would allow medical graduates from overseas universities to practice in Hong Kong.

Proposition: Queen Elizabeth School
Opposition: German Swiss International School

Bronze Division – THBT the West should form a coalition with Bashar Al-Assad to fight ISIS.

Proposition: St. Paul’s Coeducational College
Opposition: Chinese International School

We are making a new rule for this event effective as of now: any school with a team in the Grand Finals MUST supply at least ONE judge for one of the other debates on the night. This is to make it a little easier for the hosts to find judges for the night.


Michael Evershed