Please find below the draws and motions for the 12th HKSDPSC Junior Debating Tournament Break Rounds, which will be held in Renaissance College on 21st November 2015, Saturday.


  Proposition Opposition
QF 1 SIS (1) WYK (8) Winner of QF 1
SF 1 Winner of SF 1
QF 2 GSIS (5) SPC (4) Winner of QF 2
QF 3 CIS (3) WIS (6) Winner of QF 3
SF 2 Winner of SF 2
QF 4 LSC (7) HYS (2) Winner of QF 4

For both Semi-Finals and Grand-Finals, the sides of the teams will be decided by coin-tosses 20 minutes before the debate.


QF (prepared): THBT children should have the right to leave their parents for pastoral care under the State.
SF (Impromptu): Motion will be released on the day of the competition. Teams will get 50 minutes for preparation.
GF (semi-prepared): THBT feminists should participate in beauty pageants to further their cause.