The WIDPSC Team Hong Kong Open Tryout was held on 14th November 2015, Saturday, at Heep Yunn School. To accommodate the needs of the students who were out of town for overseas competitions, an additional tryout was held on 19th November 2015, Thursday.

40 students from 16 schools registered. Over 40 experienced coaches, university lecturers/tutors and seasoned alumni were invited to serve as independent and institutional judges for the four WIDPSC categories, namely persuasive speaking, interpretive reading, impromptu speaking and parliamentary debating.

Continued support from the wider debating and public speaking community is instrumental to the successful running of HKSDPSC programmes. We thank teachers, coaches, judges and helpers for their presence and timely help. Special thanks must be given to the dozens of helpers from Heep Yunn School and La Salle College, as well as the event convener, Mr. Steven Lee.

The Head-Coaches of WIDPSC Team Hong Kong, Mr. Steven Lee and Ms. Katherine Roundy, will contact the top-ranking candidates shortly and confirm their commitment for WIDPSC 2016 Pittsburgh, USA. For details of the full tab, please contact Mr. Steven Lee (

Top 25 Overall Individuals

  1. Maggie DeLessio (HKIS)
  2. Sarika Mahbubani (RCHK)
  3. Valdo Vasile (SIS)
  4. Keshav Menon (SIS)
  5. Juliet Leung (HYS)
  6. Alvin Cheung (LPC)
  7. Natasha Hirt (GSIS)
  8. Gregory Wong (LSC)
  9. Samantha Lai (DGS)
  10. Jess Ma (HYS)
  11. Valkyrie Suen (SPCC)
  12. Joshua Levy (HKIS)
  13. Chak Kei Lau (IS)
  14. Ian Wong (LSC)
  15. Zarah Tesfai (WIS)
  16. Marjolijn van Raaj (LPC)
  17. Bakhita Fung (IS)
  18. Vienna Au (GSIS)
  19. Maryse Chan (HYS)
  20. Anna Loretan (HKA)
  21. Ernest Leung (LSC)
  22. Alan Fan (CIS)
  23. Christy Wong (SPCC)
  24. Alexandra Churchill (WIS)
  25. Clarissa Huang (RCHK)


  1. Sarika Mahbubani (RCHK)
  2. Valkyrie Suen (SPCC)
  3. Alvin Cheung (LPC)
  4. Anna Loretan (HKA)
  5. Maggie DeLessio (HKIS)
  6. Juliet Leung (HYS)
  7. Alan Fan (CIS)
  8. Gregory Wong (LSC)
  9. Vlado Vasile (SIS)
  10. Maryse Chan (HYS)

Persuasive and After-Dinner Speaking

  1. Vlado Vasile (SIS)
  2. Keshav Menon (SIS)
  3. Sarika Mahbubani (RCHK)
  4. Ernest Leung (LSC)
  5. Maggie DeLessio (HKIS)
  6. Valkyrie Suen (SPCC)
  7. Gregory Wong (LSC)
  8. Natasha Hirt (GSIS)
  9. Juliet Leung (HYS)
  10. Alvin Cheung (LPC)

Interpretive Reading

  1. Alex Pringgohajono (HKA)
  2. Maggie DeLessio (HKIS)
  3. Crystal Lee (SIS)
  4. Vlado Vasile (SIS)
  5. Zarah Tesfai (WIS)
  6. Joshua Levy (HKIS)
  7. Natasha Hirt (GSIS)
  8. Gregory Wong (LSC)
  9. Juliet Leung (HYS)
  10. Keshav Menon (SIS)

Impromptu Speaking

  1. Maggie DeLessio (HKIS)
  2. Sarika Mahbubani (RCHK)
  3. Samantha Lai (DGS)
  4. Jess Ma (HYS)
  5. Keshav Menon (SIS)
  6. Ian Wong (LSC)
  7. Vienna Au (GSIS)
  8. Joshua Levy (HKIS)
  9. Clarissa Huang (RCHK)
  10. Vlado Vasile (SIS)