The break rounds of 12th HKSDPSC Junior Debating Tournament were successfully held in Renaissance College on 21st November 2015, Saturday. The results are as follows:

Champion: Wah Yan College, Kowloon
Best Speaker of the Grand-Final: Noddy Lam of Wah Yan College, Kowloon
First runner-up: Chinese International School
Semi-finalists: German Swiss International School and Heep Yunn School
Quarter-finalists: South Island School, St. Paul’s College, West Island School and La Salle College

Tournament Motions

R1: THW ban the poor from gambling.
R2: THW make public denial of the existence of Climate Change a criminal offense.
R3: THBT history curricula in public schools should prioritise local history over international history.
R4: THW would ban movies that rely upon racial stereotypes in storytelling.
R5: TH supports trophy hunting in economically impoverished areas.
QF: THBT children should have the right to leave their parents for pastoral care under the State.
SF: THW harvest organs from deceased persons unless they have specifically opted out.
GF: THBT feminists should participate in beauty pageants to further their cause.