The HKSDPSC Tournament Organizing Committee is pleased to introducing two additional tournaments that HKSDPSC will be bringing to the Hong Kong. We will collaborate with the Oxford Union, University of Oxford, and host regional rounds for two of their competitions – Oxford Schools Debating Competition (OSDC) 2015-2016 and International Competition for Young Debaters (ICYD) 2015-2016. The winners of the regional round in Hong Kong will be entitled to places at Finals Day in University of Oxford, where they will compete against the winners of the regional rounds in the UK, Europe and North America.

The full details of the tournaments themselves could be found using the following links:
Conveners: Mr. George Hames and Mr. Louis Collier
Convener: Ms. Issy Fidderman
Deputy convener: Mr. Ryan Tang (HKSDPSC alum)


OSDC Hong Kong Regional Round: 28th December 2015, Monday
OSDC Finals: 12th March 2016, Saturday (Oxford, UK)
ICYD Hong Kong Regional Round: 20th February 2016, Saturday
ICYD Finals: 30th April 2016, Saturday (Oxford, UK)

Tournament details:
  • OSDC is primarily targeted at seniors in years 10-13, or secondary 4-6.
  • ICYD is for junior debaters who are year 10 or below, which is equivalent to secondary 4 or below.
  • The competition will be conducted in British Parliamentary (BP) Style.
  • Two days of open house sessions, where 4 mock debates will be held on each day, will be offered by HKSDPSC to participants on 26th and 27th December 2015.
  • Students will compete in a team of two. Each school could send a maximum of THREE teams. Students who wish to compete need to seek their school nomination. Mixed teams are NOT allowed.
  • Schools do NOT have to send adjudicators. To ensure impartiality, judging will be done by a team of independent BP judges.
  • All registration fees for the two tournaments will go to Oxford Union. HKSDPSC receives no commission or any form of financial remuneration in assisting the running of the regional rounds.

Should any students who are interested in signing up, kindly ask them to contact Mr. Cheng Kwok Hung at He would be more than happy to explain the logistics of the regional rounds, as well as winning teams’ chaperoning arrangement to the finals in Oxford.