German Swiss International School played host to the preliminary rounds of the 12th Senior SDC on 12th March 2016, which saw teams battle it out over 5 preliminary rounds. It was an extremely competative field with over a dozen teams still in contention going into the fifth and final preliminary round. A special thanks to the adjudicators on the day who were often required to go above the call of duty and judge four or even all five rounds, losing the chance to see their own teams. Here are the final results of the day.

Best New Team

Australian International School of Hong Kong

Breaking Teams

1. Heep Yunn School (5 wins, 1329 points)
2. Shatin College (5 wins, 1309 points)
3. South Island School (5 wins, 1304.5 points)
4. Chinese International School (5 wins, 1269 points)
5. German Swiss International School (4 wins, 1319 points)
6. West Island School (4 wins, 1293 points)
7. International Christian School (4 wins, 1283.5 points)
8. St. Paul’s Coeducational College (4 wins, 1277 points)

Top 10 Speakers

1. Olivia Bray (Island School)
2. Keshav Menon (South Island School)
3. Kristy Lam (Heep Yunn School)
4. Matthew Ho (German Swiss International School)
5. Maryse Chan (Heep Yunn School)
6. Simon Yau (Wah Yan College, Kowloon)
7. Jasmine Yim (Canadian International School of Hong Kong)
8. John Yap (Chinese International School)
9. Misha Fischer (German Swiss International School)
10. Justin Leung (Carmel Secondary School)


R1: THBT companies should reserve seats for women in senior management.
R2: THBT voluntourism causes more harm than good to the developing world.
R3: THW not allow workers who provide public services to strike.
R4: THBT the West should cooperate with Russia in Syria.
R5: THW abolish the retirement age.
QF: THBT the media should only report government-released information during health emergencies.
SF: To be announced.
GF: TH supports Turkish membership of the EU.