Results of the preliminary rounds of the Inaugural Evershed Cup hosted by RCHK on 16 April 2016

8 Breaking Teams

  1. Stewards Pooi Kei College (4 wins – 831 points)
  2. Shun Tak Catholic English College (3 wins – 832 points)
  3. Diocesan Girls’ School (3 wins – 832 points)
  4. STFA Yung Yau College (3 wins – 826 points)
  5. Renaissance College – Junior (2 wins – 842 points)
  6. German Swiss International School – Junior (2 wins – 840 points)
  7. St. Paul’s Convent School (2 wins – 832 points)
  8. St. Paul’s Coeducational College (2 wins – 828 points)

Top Speaker

1. Mark Karthik (Renaissance College – Junior)
2. Angus Cheung (Renaissance College – Junior)
3. Jenna Hong (German Swiss International School)
4. Jada Fong (Diocesan Girls’ School)
=5. Audrey Lau (Renaissance College – Junior)
=5. Colette Wong (St. Paul’s Convent School)
=5. Grace Li (Renaissance College – Junior)
=5. Jonathan Tang (Kwok Tak Seng Catholic Secondary School)
=5. Josie Wong (STFA Yung Yau College)
=5. Richard Cheung (Renaissance College)
=5. Smith Yip (Shun Tak Catholic English College)
=5. Theodore Chow (Renaissance College)
=5. Valerie Ang (German Swiss International School)


R1: THBT schools should abolish written examinations.
R2: TH regrets the movement of doctors from public to private hospitals for employment.
R3: THW ban selective breeding of animals.
R4: TH would direct all spending on elite, professional sports programmes to community-based sport programmes.
QF: THW only admit HKDSE graduates to local bachelor degrees in Hong Kong.
SF: TH would grant parents unlimited access to their children’s online and mobile communications.
GF: THW, as an average student in Hong Kong, prioritize academic studies over political participation.