Champion. SPCC N
Runner-up. LSC
Semi-finalist. DGS
Semi-finalist. SIS
Quarter-finalist. ISF M
Quarter-finalist. GSIS
Quarter-finalist. CSS
Quarter-finalist. IS

1. La Salle College
2. Diocesan Girls’ School
3. St. Paul’s Co-Educational College N
4. South Island School
5. ISF Academy M
6. German Swiss International School
7. Carmel Secondary School
8. Island School

1. Xiao-Ke Lu
2. Matthew Ling
3. Thomas Chau
4. Alisha Daswani
5. Sharon Chau
6. Elvis Tsang
7. Brian Cheng
8. Artie Lam
9. Helaine Liao
10. Simon Yau

Grand Final
La Salle College v SPCC N (Win)
Best Speaker in Grand Final – Colson Yang (SPCC)
Semi Final
LSC (Win unanimous) v SIS
DGS vs SPCC N (Win unanimous)
Quarter Final
LSC (Win) vs IS
SIS (Win) vs ISF M
SPCC N (Win) vs GSIS
DGS (Win) vs CSS

R1 (Prep): THBT resource-rich states should issue dividends to their citizens
R3 (Semi-prepared): THS forcibly removing Assad from power
QF: THW make financial penalties proportional to the wealth of the offender
SF: THW allow underage voters to vote on youth issues
GF: THW prioritise immigrants likely to assimilate

21 April 2018 @SIS