Members of the fantastic RCHK hosting team
Delayed by a week as a result of Super Typhoon Mangkhut, the 16th Senior SDC continued as a one-day event instead on 22 September 2018. Kicking off the school year, the tournament was generously hosted by Renaissance College Hong Kong and featuring 30 teams and over 120 debaters.


R1: TH would give foreign domestic workers the right to vote (prepared)
R2: THW not prosecute the poor for theft (impromptu)
R3: TH supports one belt one road (prepared)
R4: TH celebrates the rise of ethnic-centric films (i.e crazy rich asians) (impromptu)
R5: THBT the on-demand economy (e.g. Deliveroo, Uber, Airbnb) does more good than harm (impromptu)
A set of motions were each suggested by three invited alumni debaters. Prepared motions were directly selected from this bank by the motions group (Greg Forse, Perry Ge, Sandeep Chulani and Paul Lau). This motions group vetted the wider bank of potential impromptu motions, with the final selection being made by a random algorithm.

Team results

Rank Team Wins Total Score
1 GSIS 5 1262.50
2 CIS 4 1257.00
3 SPCC N 4 1255.50
4 RCHK M 4 1253.00
5 SPCC M 4 1245.50
6 DBS M 4 1236.50
7 DBS N 3 1243.50
8 DGS 3 1236.00
9 STC N 3 1235.00
10 HKIS 3 1231.50

Speaker results

Rank Speaker Avg
1 Claire Wu (CIS) 73.00
2 Christian Suen (SPCC N) 72.80
3 Liam Fung (CIS) 72.75
4 Matthew Chiu (DBS N) 72.67
5 Jenna Hong (GSIS) 72.60
6 Maisha Maryam (RCHK M) 72.25
6 Theodore Chow (RCHK M) 72.25
8 Justin So (DBS M) 72.20
9 Vikram Singh (GSIS) 72.00
9 Chan Benjamin (SJC) 72.00