Results for the trials for Team Hong Kong attending WIDPSC 2019. The trials were hosted by St Paul’s Co-educational College on 4 November 2018.
For any competitors outside of the top 20 who would like to know their ranking, please email Steven Lee.

Name School Points
Ruth Scharff-Hansen GSIS 1052
Christian Suen SPCC 1050
Markandeya Karthik RCHK 1041
Claire Wu CIS 1033
Kaylin Chong HKIS 1031
Weilyn Chong HKIS 1022
Ryan Baum SPCC 1018
Jordan Lam DBS 1016
Alexander Tsang DBS 1013
Zoe Cheng DGS 1008
Natalie Woo DGS 996
Wendy Fung HYS 995
Iris Tsui HYS 992
Celina Deng CSS 989
Katelyn Liu HKIS 989
Alvin Yung DBS 989
Gloria Leung IS 989
Solomon Lam STC 988
Eunice Ng PLKCLSCMC 982
Colson Yang SPCC 980