A fantastically well hosted Junior SDC was held at Sha Tin College on 2nd and 3rd March 2019. This was one of the largest tournaments in recent times with 39 teams from 26 schools.

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Final standings

Champion: DGS
Grand finalist: SPCC
Semi-finalist: DGS, RCHK

Breaking teams

  1. DGS M
  2. DGS N
  3. RCHK M
  4. SPCC M
  5. GSIS N
  7. LSC M
  8. GSIS M

Top 10 speakers

1. Lisa Boer (HKA)
=2. Chloe Lam (RCHK)
=2. Madeleine Wu (DGS)
=4. Anders Pang (SPCC)
=4. Jamie See (DGS)
6. Katrina Ng (PLKCKY)
=7. Audrey Lau (RCHK)
=7. Charmaine Ng (PLKCKY)
=7. Daniel Chan (DBS)
=7. Gianna Lai (DGS)


R1 (Prepared): TH celebrates the rise of plus-sized models in fashion
R2 (Semi-prepared): TH regrets the commercialization of childhood in the developed world
R3 (Semi-prepared): TH would ban CRISPR gene editing
R4 (Impromptu): TH regrets the practice of franchise reboot/remakes/prequels/sequels in commercial films
QF (Prepared): TH celebrates the rise of the gig economy
SF (Impromptu): TH would legalize the recreational use of marijuana
GF (Semi-prepared): TH believes that the US should discontinue its trade war with China