Welcome to HKSDPSC.

Formed in April, 2010, as the Hong Kong Schools’ Debating Council by a group of students and educators, its central aim now, under the sustainable HKSDPSC “Community” Limited Company banner, is to help all Hong Kong students develop their skills in debating and public speaking. It is these skills, and the ethos of “give back more than what you take out” that will assist the youth of this city to become more articulate citizens, express their freedom of speech and contribute to a greater sense of domestic and global social justice.

Hong Kong Schools’ Debating and Public Speaking Community Limited received its certificate of incorporation (number 1978518) under the Companies Ordnance of Hong Kong on October 9th 2013. This establishes a huge step forward in becoming a sustainable non-profit charity organization with the stability and legal backing to contribute to Hong Kong society for years and years to come.

Our core activities are debate training for new schools, plus four debating and two public speaking tournaments each year which provide all schools and individuals the opportunity to develop their vocal and logic skills in a community environment. Half the tournaments are for Junior secondary students and half for seniors, thus creating a clear pathway of progress in the 6 or 7 years of secondary education.

In April 2013, a number of HKSDPSC students formed a very valuable and wide reaching organization called “Flashpoint” in with the noble aim of bringing debating to students in Hong Kong who had a desire to learn but not the means and avenues of access to tutoring. To quote their website, this group produced a miracle and “became the first-ever non-profit, student-driven debate training programme in Hong Kong, and undoubtedly one of the largest. With over 400 participants from 25 schools, our 51 high-quality tutors travelled across every corner of Hong Kong to make a difference for our students. The results were astounding. At the culminating tournament, we saw novice debaters handle three rounds of intensive debating in a single day, and a thrilling Finals match which simply demonstrated the enormous progress our students had made.”


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